Broadway musical 2019

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Hamilton Musical 2019

Hamilton: An American Musical. The creation of Lin-Manuel Miranda-whose awards now include a Pulitzer Prize, three Grammys, three Tonys, two Olivier Awards, and an Emmy-this almost entirely sung-through musical was inspired by historian Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.


The Music of Hamilton

Incorporating rap, hip-hop, jazz, R&B, power ballads, and complex internal rhymes, the music is light years and dimensions away from the days of My Fair Lady or the Phantom of the Opera.


The mixture of genres

The mixture of genres and use of word patterns gives a clever nod to Alexander Hamilton himself, who was quite the wordsmith and eloquent orator, as well as being a Revolutionary War hero, lawyer, and author of more than half of the articles of the Federalist Papers.
History is celebrated here in both song and dance, and Miranda’s work makes some of it seem downright sexy.



To assume that casting of black and Hispanic actors in roles of the likes of George Washington and Aaron Burr is a political statement would be to simplify the aims of Mr. Miranda. He has even said he’d like to stage a version of Hamilton with women portraying the Founding Fathers.


Cast list:

Michael Luwoye (as Alexander Hamilton),
Daniel Breaker (as Aaron Burr),
Lexi Lawson (as Eliza Hamilton),
Mandy Gonzalez (as Angelica Schuyler),
Bryan Terrell Clark (as George Washington),

James Monroe Iglehart (as Marques de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson),
Anthony Lee Medina (as John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton),
J. Quinton Johnson (as James Madison/Hercules Mulligan),
Joanna A. Jones (as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds),
and Euan Morton (as King George)

Is Hamilton appropriate for kids?

And, if you have a kid who is interested in history (or you want to pique his or her interest in America’s tale), this is a great lesson set to music.
There is a little bit of swearing, and there are a couple of questions you may have to answer about corsets and such afterward, but you’re going to eventually have “the talk” after all, so why not have some singable and teachable moments along the way?


Hamilton Musical tickets

The tickets will probably always be expensive and the show is nearly three hours long, so be sure to plan your evening or afternoon accordingly.
It is also helpful to read up about Alexander Hamilton or listen to the soundtrack before you drop a load of cash on the tickets, because the plot moves quickly and it’s much more fun if you know what’s going on.


Overall, critics agree that even without Lin-Manuel Miranda in the starring role, the cast is magnificent and the performance does not disappoint.

Hamilton NYC

Richard Rodgers Theatre

226W 46th St
New York, NY 10036

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CIBC Theatre

18 West Monroe,
Chicago, IL 60602